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Getting Referred

The Durban Sleep Centre is staffed by highly qualified and HPCSA accredited specialists. We follow the referral guideline set out by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

Referrals should be addressed to one of the following doctors at Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital:
Dr Viven Rajah– Specialist ENT Surgeon
Dr Raj Nadar – Pulmonologist
Dr B Bhagwan – Neurologist
Dr H Haribhai - Neurologist

Netcare, St. Augustine’s Hospital, EEG and Sleep Laboratory 107 Chelmsford Road, Durban, 4000
031 2092171 (Dr Nadar)
031 5812535 (Dr Rajah)

If you have a problem with Insomnia then please contact:
Mrs Michelle Baker, Clinical Psychologist
Kloof Family Health Centre, 8 Village Road, Kloof, 3610
Tel:  031 7644277 Fax: 086 6898212

Tariffs and Fees
We follow the guidelines set out by the HPCSA and The Board of Healthcare Funders.

diagnosis & treatment of sleep disorders
sleep disorders